How do I find the back entrance to the practice?

This is on Riseley Street SK10 1BW, you now have a choice of whether to come to the front or rear of the building. See below for more directions and for printable documents.

Approach from Chestergate

Approaching from Chestergate, go straight on (bearing slightly to the left) into Prestbury Road – this is to the right of Wilsons hairdressers (with a rainbow in the window at present).  Take the next right onto Grosvenor Street (just before the Footcare Clinic), then first left onto Riseley Street. The practice entrance is about 3/4 of the way along, set back between the wooden Footsteps Nursery gate and the Masons building.

Parking on Whalley Hayes car park is straight on and to the right once you have got onto Grosvenor Street, then cross Grosvenor Street onto Riseley Street and walk along the road to find the entrance on the right immediately after Riseley House and a wooden Nursery gate.

By foot approaching from Cumberland Street

On foot if you approach the practice from the front you CAN now come into the front OR you can carry on to the right (if you are facing the building) past the long grey stone wall (this is the Masons car park) and turn left at the railing, just before the pedestrian crossing.

This is Riseley Street, go past the Masons, our car park entrance is between it and the wooden Footprints Nursery gate, which itself is next to Riseley House. Signage says the practice is there.

Can we park in your car park?

We are afraid it is staff parking only on the car park, and the central walkway is being kept clear to enable safe social distancing. Whalley Hayes is the nearest public car park. If you have particular mobility issues please let us know.

What is happening at the moment?

You can choose whether to come to the front or back of the building. Coming via the back of the building  enables us to help you keep safely socially distanced. We still need to triage all patients.

Do I still need to wear a face mask for my appointment?

Yes, government guidelines make it clear that you still need to wear a face covering in healthcare settings (such as this) unless you have an exemption.

Do social distancing rules still apply?

Yes, so please keep your distance if you can.

Will you be open if there is another lockdown?

The government confirmed that dental practices were to remain open during the 2021 lockdown and that you were allowed to attend dental (and other medical) appointments. The situation seems to be easing too so we hope there will not be any more lockdowns but if there were we expect to remain open again too.

What are you doing to keep us safe?

We have worked hard to follow all the government guidelines and regulations on what to do to keep you and our staff safe so you will notice some changes, please read our advice sheet  when you come to see us (NB this is in the process of  being updated).  For your safety we are doing all we can to  reduce unnecessary time in the building. So please complete and bring along a medical history form,  please do not email it back. We have always followed stringent infection control procedures and have adapted those and our personal protective equipment in line latest advice along with social distancing measures.

Measures to help protect you and us include

  • checking you are well enough to come to the building both before and at your appointment
  • having  the option to come to the back door to reduce your contact with people from other practices
  • minimising your time in the building  (we have built a safe, secure temporary shelter for when you wait outside)
  • hand sanitising on arrival and departure
  • even more thorough cleaning and disinfection than our already stringent standards
  • reducing footfall through the building
  • mask wearing for all in the building except during treatment/examination (and clinical staff also wear visors and aprons) (no change to the rules as at March 2022)
  • perspex screens at reception
  • some treatments are temporarily altered or postponed during the pandemic for your safety and to comply with national guidelines

Can I just call in?

The front door is open but please give us a ring first if possible. Please only visit the practice for treatment or a checkup if you have spoken to our staff. If you would like more dental supplies you can phone and we can arrange for you to pick them up.

What if I have a dental emergency or problem now?

Please ring the practice in or out of normal hours if you have a dental emergency, problem or concern. If Robin is away cover will still be provided, the practice telephone will guide you to the correct contact.

How many patients are you seeing?

The new safety measures we have put in place for your safety and our staff’s mean we cannot see patients at the normal rate during the day. We will do our utmost to provide the best possible service in the circumstances and we are happy to be able to be returning to something closer to normal.

Where your holiday opening hours and emergency arrangements?

If we are on holiday  we will put information on here and on the phone at work, call 01625 508040. And there is always information on that number for whom to contact if you have an emergency out of hours.

I have terrible teeth and am afraid they will be the worst you have ever seen. Will you tell me off?

We very much doubt that your teeth will be the worst we have seen, you would be surprised at what sorts we have seen before. If you come to see us we promise not to tell you off as we know you will be making a crucial first step in improving your dental health.
We can work with you to make you happier with your appearance and, if you are in pain, can help with pain control.

When should I bring my baby to see the dentist for the first time?

We would recommend that you make a first appointment for a child at around the age of 18 months to 2 years when they have a reasonable number of teeth.
It is important to bring children along regularly from a young age so that they feel confident and comfortable and get to know us. We can advise on prevention and diet and have mother and baby toothcare leaflets which you might find helpful. Please ask Robin for a copy at the surgery.

I am terrified of the dentists. How can you help me?

Lots of people feel nervous about visiting the dentist, especially if they had a bad experience as a child, so you are not alone in your fears. We are used to dealing with nervous patients and promise to take great care with you. We will talk you through your problems, explain what we are doing, and take things slowly so that you can build your confidence.
Please let us know if you are particularly nervous so that we can treat you in ways that help you feel more confident.
We have found that even our most nervous patients gradually feel more confident and comfortable as they come to see us and our patient surveys have shown that one of our strengths is helping people with their fears so rest assured that we will do all we can to help you too.

How should I look after my teeth?

It is always important to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Both for your mouth’s sake and as it has an effect on your health generally.

Please check your and your children’s toothbrush heads are not splayed and worn out as this reduces their effectiveness and remember electric toothbrushes are proven to be better at cleaning.

Remind yourselves and your dependents to clean every surface and not forget the hard to reach areas at the back.

Here is a handy link  with an excellent reminder of how to floss and use interdental brushes on your teeth.

Attending regular dental appointments is one of the best things you can do to help look after your teeth.

And in the unlikely event of another lockdown don’t forget I will be on hand to help 24 hours a day 7 days a week like I was last time  (hopefully this will not happen again, but be reassured that we will provide you with the same high, caring level of service that we did during the last lockdown if it does, we know that our patients really appreciated our care and communication).

Are there any local organisations you know that might interest me?

The pandemic has impressed upon us the importance of community and caring for each other. We tried to do our very best for you and here are some local links we think might interest you.

We would recommend One Life Pilates, which is an exercise class for a range of abilities including people with health issues run by Kaye McGowan in Bollington. My wife went to a few sessions before lockdown and is impressed by the online Pilates which Kaye is offering. Kaye is a qualified and working physiotherapist too and among the classes she does are rehabilitation type ones and ones aimed at improving your balance, especially important for older people or people with medical conditions such as osteoporosis. She can help people set up their computers, laptops or phones to enable online sessions.

If you can’t get out wildside walks are beautiful films showing lovely walks around here eg  to White Nancy, Wincle to Gradbach and a stunning sunset  

Do you take account of patient’s views, comments, etc?

We are always keen to improve our service to you so welcome all comments and suggestions. You can talk to us or we have a suggestion box in reception. You can also message us via the website form, we will try to put as much information on here to help you as we can.

In the rare event that you wish to make a complaint, please talk to us and ask for a copy of our complaints policy (all dental practices are required to have one and should tell you of its existence); we will of course do our best to deal with any issues to your satisfaction.

When was this website last updated?

On Friday Mar 4tg 2022 (this page last updated 4/3/22 too)