How do I find the temporary entrance to the practice?

For social distancing reasons, Robin’s (and Paul’s practices are using the rear entrance to the building (the upper floors are using the front door). This is on Riseley Street SK10 1BW. See below for more directions.

Approach from Chestergate

Approaching from Chestergate, go straight on (bearing slightly to the left) into Prestbury Road – this is to the right of Wilsons hairdressers (with a rainbow in the window at present).  Take the next right onto Grosvenor Street (just before the Footcare Clinic), then first left onto Riseley Street. The practice entrance is about 3/4 of the way along, set back between the colourful Footsteps Nursery gate and the Masons building.

Temporary entrance to the practice

Parking on Whalley Hayes car park is straight on and to the right once you have got onto Grosvenor Street, then cross Grosvenor Street onto Riseley Street and walk along the road to find the entrance on the right immediately after Footsteps Nursery gate.

By foot approaching from Cumberland Street

On foot if you approach the practice from the front carry on to the right (if you are facing the building) past the long grey stone wall (this is the Masons car park) and turn left at the railing, just before the pedestrian crossing. 

This is Riseley Street, go past the Masons, our car park entrance is between it and the green Footprints Nursery gate. Signage says the practice is there. 

Can we park in your car park?

We are afraid it is staff parking only on the car park, and the central walkway is being kept clear to enable safe social distancing. Whalley Hayes is the nearest public car park, be aware Cheshire East announced that car parking charges restart from 15 June.

Are you open again?

Yes, we reopened for face to face patient care on 8th June 2020.

Please bear with us, we are working hard to do our very best for you in this new normal, giving you high quality dental care and caring for your health and safety in relation to Covid-19 too. 

Who are you seeing?

By the end of the first week we will have seen patients who have contacted us with problems. Next week we will start to see people awaiting treatment or who had appointments due in lockdown. 

Is my appointment (made before lockdown) cancelled?

Yes, to accommodate all the people we need to see first, all previously made appointments are cancelled. We will contact you to reschedule them, but this may take some time (as you will appreciate,we have many patients). We are doing our utmost to provide the best possible service to you including working days we normally would not eg alternate Wednesdays so please bear with us. 

What are you doing to keep us safe?

We have worked hard to follow all the government guidelines and regulations on what to do to keep you and our staff safe so you will notice some changes, please read our advice sheet on keeping you safe when you come to see us.  For your safety we are doing all we can to  reduce unnecessary time in the building. So please complete and bring along a medical history form,  please do not email it back. We have always followed stringent infection control procedures and have adapted those and our personal protective equipment in line latest advice along with social distancing measures. 

Can I just call in?

Please only visit the practice if you have an appointment made after lockdown and have spoken to our staff. 

What if I have a problem now?

 In the meantime ring the practice in the usual way if you have a problem or concern. Robin has been on duty day and night 7 days a week over the lockdown period helping you with your dental problems and continues to be so though we would ask that you ring the practice in in our opening hours if possible now that it is open again.

How many patients are you seeing?

The new safety measures we have put in place for your safety and our staff’s mean we cannot see patients at the normal rate during the day. We will do our utmost to provide the best possible service in the circumstances and we are happy to be able to return to see some of you and to get back to something closer to normal.



Coronavirus general information

We responded to the call out to dentists for PPE, Robin has walked into work on Saturday 27th March to donate all we can – a total of 500 face masks and 4000 pairs of gloves.

We are using this page to direct you to things we think might help during this time of crisis, not only dental, local and national information to help you and your family. We will keep updating it as much as we can. Please pass the message on if you find it helpful.

Thank you to those of you who have got in touch, feedback is great and it is lovely to stay connected! I have had some lovely comments about my letter/email to you. If by any chance you have not seen a copy and would like one please let me know.

For anyone as unfamiliar with the internet as some of our relatives, in the text below if you click on an image or any of the writing in blue it should take you to the relevant page, we have done our best to make it easy for you to find information. Newest info is now being put at the bottom of the page, please scroll down to see it. Hope you are all keeping well.

Staying fit and well – body and mind

 Stay at home guidance

How to self isolate

If you need to self isolate within a household, practical tips are found near the bottom of the government’s  Stay at home guidance

Keeping fit

Excellent exercises for children from Rachael Burrows of Maximum Cheer and Macclesfield Trampoline Club, the highly successful local trampolining and cheerleading club

Online conditioning 💪💪

Week commencing 23rd MarchMaximum cheer and Macclesfield Trampoline Club conditioning:BurpeesMountain climbersV sitsCandle stick rolls with tuck jumps Star jumpsPress ups- Reception to year 2 please do 20 secs for each exercise.- year 3 and 4 do 30-40seconds per exercise -Year 5 and 6 do 40-50 seconds per exercise- year 7-8 do 60 seconds per exercise- diamonds, spirit and co Ed do 1minute 15seconds per exercise.Happy conditioning 💪💪💪💜💜💜

Posted by Maximum Cheer on Sunday, 22 March 2020

We would recommend One Life Pilates, which is an exercise class for a range of abilities including people with health issues run by Kaye McGowan in Bollington. My wife went to a few sessions before lockdown and is impressed by the online Pilates which Kaye is offering. 

Advice on healthy living – exercise including actual home workout exercises eg if you have back pain, eating, keeping your mind well is all at NHS Live Well  

Everybody, the organisation which runs Macclesfield Leisure Centre has put free workouts online, including low impact ones for people with health conditions or who are older – ideal for if you cannot get outside

We would recommend the Couch to 5k free guide  – if government guidelines allow you to go out  and your health allows – advice on website as to who it is suitable for. From personal experience it is great (you can download it onto your phone for free, it tells you when to run and walk starting very gently, you can play music at the same time, you can choose who talks to you – great choice of coaches)

If you can’t get outside, Sport England have developed Stay in Work Out exercises

The Lawn Tennis Association have produced a host of fun activities for children and young people to help them stay fit at home

If you are struggling with your emotions

Every Mind Matters   gives helpful hints for how to stay mentally well, especially during the coronavirus outbreak and tips for if you feel particularly anxious

or, forget the politics but Alastair Campbell has twenty reasons to look on the bright side – helpful, practical tips we would highly recommend

twenty reasons to look on the bright side

Headspace  is excellent for people who are struggling with different sorts of mental issues. It is free to try out at first

An ex astronaut shares his tips including how to deal with conflict and niggles if you share a confined space

Cheshire East are coordinating efforts to help people and their Twitter feed is giving out useful information too. 

Your mouthcare

During the lockdown it is more important than ever to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Both for your mouth’s sake and as it has an effect on your health generally.

Please check your and your children’s toothbrush heads are not splayed and worn out as this reduces their effectiveness and remember electric toothbrushes are proven to be better at cleaning.

Remind yourselves and your dependents to clean every surface and not forget the hard to reach areas at the back.

Here is a handy link  with an excellent reminder of how to floss and use interdental brushes on your teeth. And don’t forget I am on hand to help, it is always nice to hear from you.

Things to do or see online 

Sandi Toksvig is doing an interesting daily vlog, she is thinking of those of you home alone

Chester Zoo are live on Facebook every morning, follow them on Facebook to get the alerts, they have done various live on days

Try the 30 day Lego challenge

Free Printable 30-Day LEGO Challenge

Stars like Amy Adams and Josh Gad are reading children’s stories while David Walliams  is releasing free audio books

The National Theatre is livestreaming free plays each Thursday night

The Royal Shakespeare Company will be showing some of their preformances on BBC4 while The Globe Theatre  is making much content free.

Many museums and galleries are putting things online and there are online choirs cropping up

The Guardian has a round up of some of the best free online experiences and of community based ideas to cheer us up. Locally, we have heard of someone in Sutton with a PA system putting on a music session for neighbours, which seems like a great idea to raise the spirits

Tim Burgess of The Charlatans is organising 10pm listen to album events

Kew Gardens have some lovely ideas to enjoy the outside from your home

The Arts Society are putting on free lectures, etc aimed at older people

There are many free online art classes, a friend of ours has painted a lovely picture with the help of a tutorial from Angela Fehr 

If you would like light relief from the current situation I find  the social feed from this elephant sanctuary uplifting

For children there are a couple of great free downloadable and printable  books aimed at 4 to 11 year olds which might help explain coronavirus and the lockdown during this time (read them first to check you like the content) – one is called The Stay at Home Superheroes and a friend has found this helped her  6 year old, the other is by the Gruffalo illustrator and after a few heavier pages gives good general advice to children 

Some more ideas

You can …

  • learn a language for free with Duolingo or other online source
  • write that book you always meant to
  • decorate your window to entertain children on walks
  • learn how to cook better, my wife has learned how to make easy soba noodles and soda bread so far during the lockdown and plans to try sourdough next (you don’t need yeast for any of these)
  • catch up with people you don’t normally have time to
  • make a smaller carbon footprint (without even trying!)
  • support the NHS and all the essential workers
  • disinfect your letterbox, bell or knocker and bin lid and handle to protect those who come to your home
  • show people you care

We care. Take care. Especially those of you who are on the front line or vulnerable.

Keep safe! Keep socially distanced!

Latest updates 

If you can’t get out we recommend wildside walks, beautiful films showing lovely walks around here eg one to White Nancy, a stunning sunset

Patrick Stewart is reading a sonnet a day

A lovely book, The Book of Hopes, has already been produced for children by some great authors, hosted by the Literacy Trust and free to download 

The Guardian are doing a variety of literary/explaining coronavirus  live online events

What’s on Stage tells you about free online events and is regularly updated, eg the National Theatre plays which are available for a week after transmission (Frankenstein was brilliant, catch it today – 8 May – before it disappears)

Even if you don’t have a Kindle you can download books from there onto your pc, phone or laptop. There are some great free or cheap books online deals including time limited 99p offers for some great cookbooks eg by Diana Henry, Alys Fowler and Leon

Harry Potter is being read at home by famous actors eg Daniel Radcliffe

If you enjoyed the wildside walk to White Nancy (see link in section above), here is walk 1 of walks on the wildside, Wincle to Gradbach 

One Life Pilates classes are excellent local exercise classes being run online, see above 

When was this website last updated?

On  Monday 29 June 2020

Do you take account of patient’s views, comments, etc?

We are always keen to improve our service to you so welcome all comments and suggestions. You can talk to us or we have a suggestion box in reception. You can also message us via the website form, we will try to put as much information on here to help you as we can.

In the rare event that you wish to make a complaint, please talk to us and ask for a copy of our complaints policy (all dental practices are required to have one and should tell you of its existence); we will of course do our best to deal with any issues to your satisfaction.