We treat adults privately while we offer free NHS treatment to children. You may be pleasantly surprised at how reasonable our fee rates are and we promise to keep you fully informed about costs before treatment. You may choose to pay for all your treatment as and when you receive it or you may prefer a dental care payment plan.

Some sample fee rates for private patients are shown below. A full list is displayed at the practice and since the exact cost of various treatments may vary depending on various factors such as complexity we provide you with written estimates before treatment. Be assured that we will keep you fully informed about costs and will only carry out treatment with your full consent.

Apart from x-rays and the initial examination there may need to be a surcharge to cover the extra costs associated with protecting you during the Covid-19 pandemic. We will inform you of this before any treatment is carried out to ensure we get your full informed consent. 

Initial examination (including any x-rays which may be advised): £148

X-rays: from £18 to £98

Fillings: from £92

To help you budget for your dental care, we also offer you the option of joining Denplan, the UK’s largest dental healthcare plan provider. We offer two types of competitively priced payment plan, the most popular of which is Denplan Care. Under this, you pay a monthly fee which then covers you for all routine non-specialist treatment except laboratory fees. The amount per month is banded to reflect your current dental status.
As an alternative we also offer the option of joining Denplan Essentials, where you pay a monthly fee to cover dental examinations, x-rays and hygiene treatment. Restorative treatment is not covered.

Denplan Care

Denplan Care is a popular way to budget for your dental care with our patients. It covers all regular routine non-specialist treatment, including examinations, x-rays, hygienist’s appointments and restorative treatment. You may only join Denplan Care once you have been initially assessed and reached a certain level of dental fitness. The category you are allocated to depends upon the current state of your mouth (eg someone with no fillings or gum disease will be in a lower category than someone with several fillings). Denplan Care and Denplan essentials also include emergency treatment when you are away (see the Denplan website for further details at www.denplan.co.uk).

  Category A Category B Category C Category D Category E
Monthly £18.30 £26.40 £33.50 £46.99 £76.50

Denplan Essentials

Denplan Essentials is an alternative way to budget for your dental care. If you choose to join the scheme it covers all your routine examinations, x-rays and hygienist’s appointments. No restorative care is included in this payment plan but you get a 10% discount on any of our normal private rates for any treatment subject to the terms of the scheme (see Denplan website or contact them for more details). 

  Category A Category B Category C
Monthly £11.95 £20.70 £30.50

Page last updated 19/1/22